Grammy Nominated:

John Primer's Production Company


Welcome to Blues House Productions!


John Primer's Mission:

Blues House Productions is owned by the Grammy Nominated, Chicago Blues Legend - John Primer.  BHP is his record label and production company.  This company will house all of John's music, giving him a place to catalog his creations while teaching, recording, producing, publishing and promoting new musicians, and at the same time keeping the blues alive for blues musicians and the next generation.
After 40 plus years and many blues record labels later, John choose to retain all the rights to his music. 

John's dream is to hopefully set up his own studio to create his own music as well as help others that are under recorded and in search of a record label they can trust.

John wants to preserve the "real deal" blues for our future, by passing on the history of the blues, sharing his own experiences, while teaching the blues techniques and making sure that the music never dies.

BHP is a small independent production company, just formed on November 20, 2008. The funds are being raised now with John's CD catalog to be able to add new talent. Please write to us if you are interested in joining BHP.

Lisa Primer, Manager